"Children Are The Future" the concert is scheduled for Saturday the 3rd of March 2007 at the Jakarta Convention Center. The idea is to present a mosaic of everyone's culture and to unite us all in songs.

Through a Grand Finale with children from local international schools and Indonesian children joining costumes and performing instrument pieces from their origin areas we will be reminded that we are, after all, a global family and the one thing that we all crave for is PEACE.

Children are the Future is an event that will be done together with Sadao Watanabe Director-General of the Japan Pavilion Projects, who wrote the song "Share the World," for EXPO 2005 Aichi in Tokyo, will play a key role in our Jakarta concert. Indonesian musicians will assist Sadao's team in preparing the music and the concert.

Music can relay messages of hope, love and peace. We need the inspiration of music to help fulfill the dream of world peace.

There are countless examples of great songs with lyrics that all underpin the same emotional appeal for sanity in a world that is racked by incessant natural and man made disasters like earthquakes, terrorism, communal riots or the like.

But children are the real peacemakers of tomorrow. They are the key to a better future. Our children will be tomorrow's teachers, doctors, scientists, parents and even Presidents. We live for them, we do things for them, and they have no agenda.

Indonesian children, especially from rural areas like Aceh, Papua, Sulawesi, Bali and many other regions, backed by different percussion instruments from the regions of Indonesia, will combine musically with children from the International school, British School, American School, Japanese School and Korean school.

As scores of children join hands and sing a brand new Indonesian Peace Anthem written specially for the concert we expect their beautiful melodic voices will make the occasion one those present will never forget.