Celebrating the 10th Year Edition of Jakarta International Java jazz Festival, we will give away 3 daily entrance tickets every week for 3 lucky winners.
Winners may also participate again throughout the entire duration of our weekly quiz. Please check our website regularly as we may increase the numbers of free tickets.


The rules are simple but strictly enforced:

  • You must register with the exact name shown on your ID card. You need to bring this ID card when you claim the winning ticket.
  • Each registrant is allowed to participate on a weekly basis (even if he/she has already won a prize) but only with one name, and using one email address. In other words, you may not enter the quiz with one name (the same as on your ID card) but using several email address accounts at one time.
  • If you win you must also register on our mailing list. Simply send a blank email to


The Winners

Period 24 Feb 2009 - 02 Mar 2009

  • Pascoal Meirelles is a drummer from..

  • Correct Answer is Brazil

  • Songstress Paulette McWilliams is due to perform alongside this saxophonist.

  • Correct Answer is Tom Scott

  • What is the title of this year's Java Jazz Festival's official compilation CD?

  • Correct Answer is Jazz the Way You Are

Congratulations to :

CONGRATS, You won 1 daily ticket to JJF 2009. Please bring the correct identification card when you claim the ticket. You'll be notified thru email for details.

1. Nindira (Friday Daily Pass)
2. Mira Mariska (Saturday Daily Pass)
3. Adi Putra (Sunday Daily Pass)