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    Genre : Jazz

    Perform on:
    Friday March 1, 2013
    B1 Hall MLD Spot

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About This Act :

Atilia is set to be the next generation of crooners in Malaysia. Being the daughter Salamiah Hassan, one of the most renowned jazz and evergreen singers in the country, Atilia feels the tag of being known as the "daughter of" has its advantages as well as its setbacks.

Born in the southern state of Johor, Atilia grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and comes from a family of 4 sibling she being the eldest. Blessed with the closeness and support of her family; being closely knit helps boost her confidence in creating some of the finest and memorable melodies in this country. This is evident in her debut album,"Sangkar" that was launched in March 2007 and marketed domestically in June 2007.

Atilia sings in the most simplistic manner, without the need for vocal acrobatics to impress capabilities of reaching several octaves. All she desire, is to project and tell stories in a musical and soothing manner that will have you glued to your speakers to hear the crispness and clarity of her voice.

Since the launch of her album Sangkar at the end of March 2007, Atilia, the new name in Malaysian Contemporary Jazz has made several performances and appearances with incredible reception and response.

With her recent performances at No Black Tie, she performed to a packed house with incredible response from her audience and listeners. And she had just embarked on her musical career.

Not an infant to the music industry, she worked on her album under the guidance and tutelage of the Sultan of Malaysian Soul, Roslan Aziz and the new rising star in production, Jason Voo, for 6 years - to develop an album that is timeless. The lyrics are distinctively simplistic Bahasa Melayu that only she and Mukhlis Nor could formulate and synthesize.