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Benny Mustafa feat. Rene Van Helsdigen

    Genre : Jazz

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About This Act :

Benny Mustafa was born in Jakarta , 22 September 1939 , age 73 years) whose full name is Mustapha Benny Van Diest, is a player drum origin Indonesia . Benny classified players drum all-rounder, he had joined with many musical groups inIndonesia . Never reinforce band Eka Sapta famous in the decade the 60's , and he has also been incorporated in some band jazzthat plays dixieland , swing , cool jazz , bebop , hardbop to latin jazz .Start learning to play the drums at the age of 18, his teacher is Risakotta Bart, a drummer who played with Nick Mamahit Trio.Mustapha Benny began playing drums professionally when he joined the band Nada Quinta in 1957 in Jakarta . In 1963 , he left forAmerica . A year later, Benny followed the New York World Fair 1964 in the United States , and in 1965 , he had toured Europe and Africa.

In 1963 Benny participate in the formation of the founding band Eka Sapta with Bing Slamet (bongo, Konga), Ireng Maulana (guitar),Idris Sardi (bass, violin), Itje Kumaunang (guitar), Darmono (vibraphone), Kamid (Konga ). Because of his work in a variety of activities, Benny positions at Eka Sapta eventually replaced by Eddy Write.

In the year 1967 with Jack Lesmana , Bubi Chen , Maryono and Jopie Chen joined the band Indonesian All Stars . In the journey withIndonesian All Stars , they became acquainted with Tony Scott , clarinet origin New York , United States , who happened at that time often wara Wiri to Indonesia . Over the past 6 months they often meet up eventually sparked the idea to combine Eastern and Western music. Tony Scott is very interested in the music of traditional Indonesia as gamelan , flute , zither traditional tetabuhan.After that Tony Scott invites Indonesian All Stars to work on a collaboration album with the theme of East meets West. At the same time, held near Berlin Jazz Festival, and then departed Indonesian All Stars performing at the Berlin Jazz Festival and at the same time making the album there. Recordings made in Villingen-Schwenningen , Black Forrest on27 and 28 October in 1967 . finally created the album with the title " Djanger Bali ".

In the year 1970 , with Benny joined the band Indonesia VI, whose members include Mus Mualim , Maryono, Idris Sardi , Sadikin Zuchra and Tjok Sinsoe appeared in "Expo 1970 inOsaka , Japan , "also in the event Benny and friends his music displays a combination of jazz with the gamelan . In 1971 , he also played in Flamingo Niteclub and Amasador Hotel, Jakarta together Kiboud Maulana . Benny also memperkarsai Ayodya II with the formation of the band and Kiboud Maulana Maryono, but not for two years later the bandbroke up. Benny also played in Merlin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur , accompanied Titiek Puspa , playing in cafes jazz around Singapore and Malaysia and started on.

Together Jack Lesmana , Benny participating hosts a jazz routine at the Taman Ismail Marzuki , Jakarta . Then, he had formed a band that brings a lot of rhythmic music dixieland at Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta , whose members include Jack Lesmana , Oele Pattiselanno , Didi Chia , Benny Likumahuwa , Trisno, and several more.

Year 1978 Benny Mustapha joined Ireng Maulana All Stars with members is Ireng Maulana (guitar and banjo), Benny Likumahuwa , (trombone), Hendra Wijaya (piano), Maryono (saxophone), Karim Test (trumpet) and Roni Isani (bass) . Benny has also performed with Ireng Maulana All Stars at the North Sea Jazz Festival, Den Haag , Netherlands .