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Fried Pride

    Genre : Acoustic Jazz

    Perform on:
    Saturday March 2, 2013
    Lawu Acoustic Hall
    Sunday March 3, 2013
    JavaJazz Stage

    Website :


About This Act :

Fried Pride Unit consisting of two jazz Norio virtuoso guitarist and vocalist Akira Yokota shiho with exceptional singing skills class. In September 2001, his debut album "Fried Pride" from the United States of the first Japanese Concord label. Attention from various quarters in the guitar playing you can not imitate anyone and singing skills were Japanese away, released an album every year. We are also producing works in the 4th album artist Grammy "That's My Way" was released in August 2004 with the "Marcus Miller", "Gil Goldstein," "Mike Mainieri" sale. Started the overseas activities in earnest in the wake of this work. Appeared in numerous overseas performances and events start to the New York Blue Note U.S. to date. Also show a further evolution 9th album "LIFE-source of energy" in the current latest. In iTunes music distribution is reached # 9 overall chart. Of course, play your own sounds and styles, we will continue to attract people to actively perform world-wide activities not always satisfied with the current, built on two new possibilities.

The 1st debut album "FRIDE PRIDE" than jazz label 'Concord' prestigious as the first Japanese artist in September 2001. The album won the "Gold Disc Award" magazine Swing Journal. Announced the 2nd album "STREET WALKING WOMAN" in July 2002. Also participated in 'Sheila E' on the drum & percussion. "The music starts" "CLOSE TO YOU" recorded music is appointed as the ending theme song (22:00 every Sunday) TV Tokyo. Announced 3rd album "HEAT WAVE" in June 2003. "Alfie" Track is appointed to the ending theme song "broadcaster" system of TBS (22:00 to Saturday) from April. Announce 4th album "That's My Way" in August 2004. From Japan 'Ponta Shuichi Murakami' overseas artists and 'Marcus Miller', 'Gil Goldstein,' Mike Mainieri ', who was involved in the Grammy participated. 5th album "two, too" released in May 2005. Album was produced by two people on the theme of "back to the source." 6th album release "Musicream" June 2006. Album that incorporates the Japanese song lyrics of their own for the first time. Release DVD "Live in NY & TOKYO" to be his second in March 2007! Best album release "MILESTONE" commemorating 10th anniversary in May 2008! (: Lyrics, songwriting Yokota) original songs with Japanese lyrics "Amapola" tune pioneer CM, for the first time in a bonus CD. 7th album release "A Time For Love" in September 2009. Terumasa Hino cameo. Release 8th album "For Your Smile" in February 2011.