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Heaven On Earth

    Genre : Jazz

    Perform on:
    Friday March 1, 2013
    Lawu Acoustic Hall

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About This Act :

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Twiter: @HOEJazz

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Time goes by, ( from Year 2004 until 2006 ) Tedjo Bhayu and Ossa Sungkar found out that they have had enough on "Exploring" this six line up musician of Heaven On Earth. As the founding father and the master mind behind this project, both of them need some fresh ideas. Therefore after the mutual agreement among all members of Heaven On Earth, since in the middle of Year 2007 this six line up players of Heaven On Earth officially dispersed.

It was in the gathering of CHIC'S MUSIC JAZZ SOCIATY when Tedjo Bhayu and Ossa Sungkar were met by accident with their old fellow of young talented and skill full bass player named Franky Sadikin. Since it was a "free jam session" occasion, Tedjo Bhayu , Ossa Sungkar and Franky Sadikin din not waste their time and jump up to the stage for the ultimate on the spot jamming. Amazingly this trio has found their most desirable musical chemistry at once !! It's like the "love at the first sight". Soon after this moment, the three of them setup the routine rehearsal agenda in order to strengthen their musical chemistry and to achieve a profound knowledge on each of their musical ideas and taste.

Same as the first Heaven On Earth Project during the year 2004 to 2006, this "new musical concept" of Heaven On Earth has planed on producing their second album that the recording process is still on progress until the present time ( Year 2010 ). From Year 2008 trough Year 2010 this trio has been performing on several large and prestigious Indonesian Jazz Event such as The 30th Anniversary Of Jazz Goes To Campus ( JGTC ) one of the oldest Annual Jazz Festival held in Indonesian University Campus on Year 2007, Jakarta International Jazz Festival ( JAK JAZZ ) an annual Jazz Festival that was held during the same year of JGTC, JAK JAZZ 2008, SOLO CITY JAZZ November 2009, the 3rd Anniversary Of "KOMUNITAS JAZZ CHIC / KJC" ( monthly gathering of jazz society that held in chic's music school ), a live performance on Indonesian National Television ( KLAB JAZZ TVRI ) in YEAR 2010 and many more "on going" events.