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Ade & Brothers

    Genre : Jazz

    Perform on:
    Sunday March 3, 2013
    Lawu Acoustic Hall

    Website :


About This Act :

Video Production by Sachiko Asada

Recorded at PRJ

M ADE IRAWAN, usually called "Ade", was born as a blind child in Colchester, United Kingdom, on January 15th, 1994. Ade , the first child of Mr. & Mrs. Irawan Subagyo (the Irawan Family), has known and learned tunes by himself since 2,5 years old.

By listening to various kinds of music and doing a lot of practices by himself, ADE has had wider imagination in his music playing. And, he never had a specific music teacher when he started to play a keyboard at 5 years old, and an acoustic piano at 7 years old. Ade has improvised jazz music in his own way since 9 years old.

ADE had performed in many jazz and blues events in Chicago, including the Chicago Winter Jazz Festival at the the Chicago Cultural Center (April and January 2007) and the Chicago Jazz Festival at the Chicago Millenium Park (August 2007). And, he had jam sessions with various blues and jazz musicians of the Windy City and special auditions with legend and famous jazz and blues musicians in the United Sates, such as Robert Irving III, Ramsey Lewis, John Faddis, Dick Hyman, Ryan Cohen, Lorin Cohen, Ernie Adams, Peter Saxe, Coco Elysses-Hevia, etc.

Since returning to Indonesia in 2008, ADE has frequently performed with many legend and prestigious Indonesian jazz musicians. He has also appeared in a number of solo piano recitals and jazz festivals in Indonesia.

In 2010, the sixteen-year-old and visually impaired young pianist, M ADE IRAWAN had been named by the Indonesian Museum of Records as the youngest blind pianist performing a solo piano recital and ever travel abroad for international performances.

ADE did an unusual solo-piano recital at the Sydney Opera House, Australia, on 31st May 2011. The recital had obtained very good comments from several Australian jazz musicians and jazz / blues lecturers, particularly the ones from the Monash University.

One of the journalists wrote "Although lacking the power of sight, ADE has an unusual capability at piano. Many jazz and blues musicians have called him as a world-class-young performer".

In fact, never having undergone musical training, Ade has been billed as one of the Indonesia’s best piano players. ADE with his group, ADE & BROTHERS, had joined in the JAKARTA INTERNATIONAL JAVA JAZZ FESTIVAL (JJF) 2011 and 2012, and the group will also perform at the JJF in March 2013.