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Flamenco Jazz Yeppy Romero & Nita Aartsen

    Genre : Jazz-classic & contemporary

    Perform on:
    Saturday March 2, 2013
    Lawu Acoustic Hall

    Website :


About This Act :

The meeting between the fingers on the guitar strings and piano keys on it is amazing. When played Flamenco strumming strings and pounding piano stacato start vibrated, then there are 2 production sound extraordinarily .. That is shown by 2 senior Indonesian musicians Yeppy Romero and Nita Aartsen in Java Jazz 2013 event this year. With the background of different genres of music. all songs processed in elegance, sophisticated and satisfaction, but keep it within the flamenco and jazz. The genre is perhaps the first time the event will be played at Java Jazz Festival

Yeppy Romero

Speaking of the joyous sound of Flamenco, Yeppy Romero (one of the few guitarists) is always happy to play it. He holds a MURI record for playing 150 songs for 10 hours non stop, in 10 genres and 4 languages, along with 100 top class Indonesian musicians in 2008 and has played in uncountable small events to big festivals during his more than 2 decades of career. It's true that Latin/Flamenco is his major, but as a true son of a Batak tribe he never forgets his root at all. One of the evidences can be seen in his project/music concept called Batakustik where he brings popular Batak songs in instrumental guitar. If you're into a seducing, unpredictable and uplifting guitar play, his show is always a must to enjoy.

Nita Aartsen

Anytime we want to see the connection between classical, jazz and the delightful, sensual touch of bossa and other Latin music in Indonesia, Nita Aartsen would have to be mentioned. Born in Jakarta and started touching the piano at a really early age, she spent three years in the Moscow Conservatory learning Contemporary Jazz. 15 years she served the national palace as the state pianist of Republic of Indonesia after she returned home, where he had the privilege of playing for Bill Clinton and Prince Bernard. Being fully experienced in this field makes her able to breath a living soul into whatever song she plays. For Nita, music is more than just a home, because she can always find.