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Nils Wogram ... trombone // Brian Charette ... Hammond organ // Dejan Terzic ... drums

CD Nils Wogram ... trombone // Florian Ross ... Hammond organ // Dejan Terzic ... drums

The idea for the nostalgia trio slept in Nils Wogram for many many years. It all began from his love for extraordinary trios with the Hammond organ from the numerous sessions in Harlem during his time in New York. And this third CD of the trio, founded in 2004, is the real thing. The band just plays around with the fat grooves. The opening piece already invites the funky neighbour to a dance party. But Wogram would not be Wogram if he didn’t also rely on unconventional beats (“Friday the 13th”), reggae and pop arithmetic shimmering with melodica (“Swing ‘em Home”), stomping analog fake electronic beats (“Copenhagen”) and epic melody and harmony arcs (“Fundamentals”), in addition to the obligatory syncopated 4/4 trips through time.

Yet, in spite of all forward pressing, nostalgic swinging powers, the music remains a warm drug that penetrates deep into the heart, which is addictive, but, thank god, doesn’t make one dependent.

Nils Wogram - Trombone The trombonist, composer and producer Nils Wogram is one of the most proactive jazz musicians of the German lingua, without exaggerating. Although the musician, living in both Cologne and Zurich, also teaches on the side at the jazz school in Lucerne, Switzerland, his real home, his musical home turf where he likes to live out his life, is and remains the stage. Circa four months a year, Nils Wogram is on tour, which has not stopped him from releasing a truly imposing number of albums. Since his debut “New York Conversations” from 1994, more than two dozen long players have more than impressed jazz circles – this creative output is simply exceptional. All the while his trio Nostalgia is only one of four ensembles Nils Wogram currently leads, among which are the renowned Root 70 and a septet made out of Berlin musicians.

Brian Charette – Hammond Organ Grammy nominated Hammond organist, Brian Charette has established himself as a leading voice in modern jazz. He has worked with many notable artists such as Joni Mitchell, Chaka Khan, Lou Donaldson, and countless others. Since moving to New York in 1995 from his native Meriden, Connecticut, Charette has become an integral part of the New York City jazz scene.

Dejan Terzic - Drums Drummer Dejan Terzic is one of a couple of handfuls of young musicians living in Germany who have begun to make their presence felt on the world jazz scene in the last decade. He was born in Banja Luka in what was then Yugoslavia. His Serbian family moved to Germany when Dejan was 3 years old. He began playing piano at the age of 6, and took up drums at 12, playing at first in rock and funk groups. In 1991 Terzic journeyed to the Vermont Jazz Center, run by the legendary Hungarian guitarist Attilla Zoller. Back in Germany, Dejan began studying at the conservatory in Wurzburg where he met up with drummer Bill Elgart, one of the most original creative players on the scene. Dejan joined the Nils Wogram Nostalgia Trio in 2002. As a Bandleader he has recorded 4 Records under his own.


«The tromboneplayer goes his own way although some of his fans see him as the ultimate follower of Albert Mangelsdorff» Der Spiegel

«If you’ve been wondering about the state of young, contemporary European jazz talent recently, look no further - and enjoy!» British Jazz Journal