Nicky Manuputty

    Genre : Jazz / Pop

    Perform on:
    Friday March 2, 2012
    JavaJazz Stage

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About This Act :

His lifelong dedication to music is beyond boundaries. Listening to “My Story” you will sense the sincere emotions and feelings of this magnificent saxplayer. This vivid musician was born in the Netherlands with roots in the Moluccan archipelago. Also known as the Spice Islands located in the eastern part of Indonesia. His music career is surprising like his childhood and lifestory. Nicky was born (1978) and raised in a cozy place called Vught in the southern part of the Netherlands. At an age of eight years he picked up the saxophone and therefore

From more than 5 years he joined the local music school in Vught. From Vught moved to the music scene in Amsterdam. The capital of the Netherlands and music city for musicians. In this period, the nineties were important for his development. In 1998 Nicky also known as Saxxattack collaborated with well-known dj’s such as DJ Denniz, Dj Roog, Dj Robert Feelgood. One of the highlights was the gig on a truck throughout the city of Rotterdam. The performance atracted over 100.000 people. This event is internationally Known as the annual Fast Forward Dance Parade.

Before Nicky moved to Jakarta he did performances with big artist from the Netherlands like Hans & Candy Dulfer, Trijntje Oosterhuis, and many more. From the year 2002 till 2004 he did a tour with Dominique Verhulst also known as “DO” she had a worldwide number one hit “HEAVEN”. A time that he will always remember because he learned a lot. After his tour with Do he was planning to go America until his father told him to start his music career in Jakarta. After some research he decided to go.

In 2005 Nicky Manuputty moved to Jakarta. Within a month Nicky already played in different jazz clubs and met the right people. Full off enthausiasm they introduced him to different artists from Jakarta. This is where it all started. TV Shows, Java Jazz, Ambon Jazz and within six months he toured with Indonesian pop idol Glenn Fredly visiting 22 cities around Indonesia and even Australia, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. During his tour with Glenn Fredly he also recorded with other artist like: Tompi, Andre Hehanussa, Ruth Sahanaya, Idang Rasjidi and Adi MS.

Besides touring and many TV Shows he was also doing a lot of events with the most popular DJ's of Indonesia such as: DJ Riri, DJ Remy Irwan and DJ Iman for the Malboro Vibes tour 15 city’s trough whole Indonesia Nicky also Participate two time at the Urban Jazz Crossover Tour 2009 & 2010 The upcoming big event is the Marlboro Vibes Tour 2012 in more than 15 cities and touring with Glenn Fredly After all the successes in Jakarta, Nicky Manuputty, decided to share his story with the world. It resulted in the album "My Story" with 10 smooth / jazz / soul songs produced by Nicky himself. My Story has become a very personal album about life and being an artist in Jakarta. "My Story" will be released in 2012 under the Betari Music label. Home of artists such as "Gadiz V & Bas G".