Genre : Funk/Fusion

    Perform on:
    Saturday March 3, 2012
    Masima Stage

    Website :


About This Act :

Kosakata is a Jazz-Funk-Rock band formed Jakarta, in 2009 by brothers Andri Brendley (Guitar) and Gerinov Medaimanto (Saxophone). The word Kosakata (vocabulary in English) means the set of familiar words within a language that also grows and evolves with age, and serves as a useful and fundamental tool for communication and acquiring knowledge, but instead of words, the brothers choses sound, melody, and rythm as their language. The brothers were also supported by their friends, Baroka Ismail (Bass) with Fusion Rock as his musical background and Chrismareza Prakoso (Drums) who likes Gospel and Fusion. With the band members wide range of musical background, also adds more sound to Kosakata . The band already a regular performer for the many community and event in Jakarta. Kosakata are ready for a bigger audience. Their objectives is a Jazz/Funk/Rock revival.

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