Genre : Funk/Fusion

    Perform on:
    Friday March 2, 2012
    Masima Stage

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About This Act :

ABODA is an instrumental band from Jakarta that its music is influenced by the nuances of light jazz, fusion, and black music. Although the main concept of the band is instrumental, they often brought the songs with vocals. Consists of Timotius Noya (piano & keyboards), Fanuel Noya (drums), Filemon Noya (guitar), and Clement Noya (bass), the band was born from the strong influence of gospel music. The word “aboda” itself is taken from a standard word in Hebrew (Semitic), which means “to work; to dedicate”. Four brothers who are from an early age to study music formally, the organization actively involved in some gospel event since the format of the band began to take shape in 1999. Their interest arrangements recreate the old songs-especially songs hymns and trends among the young-old considers these songs, is the beginning of the creation of the idea of vision and mission of this band. According to them, often to be the primary concern of a musical work is the packaging. This is indicated by their one of them managed to become the first champion in Psallö Christian Music Festival 2004 in Bogor –at that time the band was still named Worshippers. That annual event is looking for musical talent and is more focused on the creative song arrangements. In 2006, Victorious Music Jazz label offered ABODA to make their first album, despite the band's song material that had very limited. Finally, in June 2007 their debut album, titled “Today in Paradise” was also released. This album consists of four songs by themselves, as well as six songs that are well known. Some songs like “Extricate” and “Vida Eterna” shows shades of jazz fusion and light jazz that is quite thick. As for “One Way” –the only song sung by vocal –comes with a touch of soul that feels very different to the original arrangement. Also some songs are packed in such a Hymn, which can bring a new freshness in the ears of the listener. It’s an interesting thing that almost all songs in this album are presented without digital voices for his impression of live music still sound. The story and message behind each song also becomes an interesting thing to note. In December 2008, this album was awarded as the Best Instrumental Album at the event Indonesian Gospel Music Award 2008. In December 2009, ABODA released a repackage album –by indie label. The album which is titled “Lite Edition” consists of five songs from the first album and one brand new song that had a little touch of ethnic nuance –titled “Journey to the Fatherland”. This instrumental song tells the story about the journey back to a hometown. ABODA has appeared in various music events, such as “Sunday Breakout!” (at fX Lifestyle X'nter Jakarta), “Christmas with ABODA” (at eX Plaza Jakarta), appearing in KJK (Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran), Margo Friday Jazz Depok, Jazztaga! Friday Jazz Night Bogor, Jazz Vaganza Pekan Raya Jakarta, Sunday Klab Jazz at Dago Plaza Bandung, The Jazz Chronicles : A Journey Towards Java Jazz 2012 in Rolling Stones Café Kemang, performing-arts stages, and so forth. In addition, each of members is also active in sharing the knowledge with music on many occasions, teaching, and also training in some music workshops. And now, ABODA attend as a friend for all music lovers on a wide range of existing circles –to inspire; to show expressions.