Balawan Bifan Duo

    Genre : Instrumental Jazz

    Perform on:
    Friday March 2, 2012
    Kementerian Perdagangan Hall

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About This Act :

Balawan Bifan Duo Balawan Iwayan ( Guitar ) dan Fajar Adi Nugroho ( Bass ) Two Virtuoso Class Musician Collaborate together a duet which are technically entertaining, harmonic and also the most improtant thing is FUN Balawan is known as the only Professional guitarist with touch style technique in Asia and He is influenced by Balinese Gamelan as well as John Mc Laughin and Charlie Parker, He have been touring All over the World and did his USA tour 2011 Diskografi: -Balawan Batuan Ethnic Fusion Globalism 2011 ( Chico / Aquarius ) -Balawan Solo ( Germany ) -Balawan Magic Finger ( Sonymusic 2005 ) -Trisum ( Sony Music 2006 ) -Balawan See You Soon ( Universal Music ) -Trisum Five in one ( Post 2011 ) Fajar Adi Nugroho is Indonesian risng star bass player he have been doing session work with Erwin Gutawa, Indro Hardjodikoro, Idang Rasjidi, Dira Sugandi, Tompi, Jemima, Balawan, Nidji, Lewis Pragasam, Brandon Power ( sting harmonica player ), Boogieman, Yudis Dwikorana, Inang Iwan Imaniar Noorsaid. Diskografi: -Dua Arjuna, Langkah Awal, 2008 Remix Distribution -Momento ( Kompilasi Street Bass Club ) 2010 -Jemima S/T, 2011 Demajors -Indro Hardjodikoro & The Fingers ( Travelling, 2011 Demajors For Java Jazz BIFAN duo will feature Dion Wardoyono on Drum