Genre : Jazz / Pop

    Perform on:
    Friday March 2, 2012
    A1 TEBS Hall

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About This Act :

KSP Band established in 1978 and performed as young people college band. In earlier years, KSP focused on pop jazz song that sang by choir KSP Band combined the basic music in the band with trumpets, saxophone, and percussion. Strong R&B color has also been introduced by KSP within that year. The new format of KSP Band was performed in 1989 and began its debut among young people in Bandung through their college to college show.

The bandís music formats since the reformation was remaining to R&B and pop jazz KSP then joined Jakartaís night entertainment in 1993 and began its popularity in Pasir Putih Cafť, Jakarta.

In 1996, KSP released its first album and followed by the second one in 1999. KSP is still focusing the vocalís strength in choir combined with laborious notes and always supported by the charming combo music completed by brasses and percussion.

Today KSP Band is known as one of the biggest band with fantastic stage performace with the ability to entertain their listeners in many events in Bandung, Jakarta, Bali and many others cities in Indonesia. KSP Band is also known as a Band with a decent lifestyle, clean from drugs, since many bands have affected by it.

KSP band is just the right one to fine to listen to a good music, good music and nothing but a good music plus an excellent entertainment. Itís the Band that people look for to swing their mood and the real good times.