Mamas Gun

    Genre : Soul

    Perform on:
    Saturday March 3, 2012
    A3 BNI Hall
    Sunday March 4, 2012
    A3 BNI Hall

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About This Act :

Mamas Gun are a five-piece soul funk band based in London and released their debut album 'Routes To Riches' in 2009. They have promoted, toured and released material from this album in over 9 countries achieving considerable exposure and support. In late 2009 the band became an overnight success in Japan where they became the most played international artist in Japan. 'The Life and Soul', released on the 6th of June, 2011

Mamas Gun first single, "Pots of Gold", was released in August 2008 on Candelion Records and was playlisted on BBC Radio 2 with Chris Evans championing the track. Following its success, Mamas Gun recorded their debut album and released their next single "Let's Find A Way" in June 2009. In September 2009, Mamas Gun released their third single "You Are The Music" and their debut album "Routes To Riches" followed in October 2009. The album was co-produced by Producer/Engineer Julian Simmons at his private studio Din in East London, mixed by Producer/Engineer Jack Joseph Puig at Ocean Way, Los Angeles and mastered by Bob Ludwig.

The band was formed by Andy Platts, the lead singer/composer/producer in 2007 and was joined by bassist 'Professor' Rex Horan, keyboardist Dave 'Eighties' Burnell, Terry 'Spiller' Lewis and drummer 'Union' Jack Pollitt after scanning the internet for inspiring and talented musicians. Andy Platts was born in a military hospital in Kowloon, Hong Kong, to a nomadic father who had landed in the Far East as a police recruit in their battles with underground triad organisations, Platts soaked up the musical ether that surrounded him (which included the Beatles, the Doors and ELO from his father, and a Filipino mother who played Spanish-influenced guitar), attending countless schools in the process before winning a place at Liverpool’s LIPA institute. Subsequently, Platts played on Corinne Bailey Rae’s hugely successful debut album and then, in 2006, landed his own publishing deal with Zomba Music. This led to collaborations with an extraordinary song-writing A-list that included Rod ‘Thriller’ Temperton, John Oates, Jed Leiber (son of hit-making legend Jerry) and former Gil Scott-Heron collaborator Brian Jackson.