Indra Lesmana - LLW feat Maurice Brown

    Genre : Jazz / Pop

    Perform on:
    Friday March 2, 2012
    A2 BNI Hall

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About This Act :

about LLW

LLW ( Lesmana Likumahuwa Winarta ) is an Indonesian jazz trio lead by Indra Lesmana ( piano/keys ) and formed in early 2010.

Indra Lesmana has been acknowledged as one of Indonesian jazz icons. He has collaborated and formed groups with so many artists. He has released 46 solo/group albums and received many awards in respect to the record sales, artistry and dedication including the recent award given by University of Indonesia as the most prominent jazz musician by and Indonesian most influential musician on twitter. In this LLW group, Indra Lesmana presents Modern Jazz, Hard Bop, Funk to Nu Jazz accompanied by Barry Likumahuwa on bass and Sandy Winarta on drums who both skills are also impressive and essentials.

They have recorded and released 6 original tracks in a new record album called /" Love Life and Wisdom /" that also presenting new collaboration with young promising Indonesian musicians : Dira Sugandi ( vocal ), Kyriz Boogiemen ( rap ), Indra Aziz ( beat box & vocal ) and also DJ Cream ( turn table ). The album is now available in all Indonesia CD //s Record Stores, iTunes USA/Europe/Austalia/Japan,,

The record has made it up to 18th bestseller album on iTunes USA and number 1 best selling albums in second quarter in 2011. The local audience call them as the hottest jazz band of Indonesia.

The trio group are involved and participated in numerous music community independent events.


Indra Lesmana ( born March 28th, 1966 ) is an Indonesian jazz pianist, keyboardist, singer, composer, arranger, sound engineer and producer. His late father, Jack Lesmana known as one of the Indonesian jazz great legends and mother Nien Lesmana was a Indonesian popular singer in the 50s.

He started his musical career with keyboard instrument at age 10. He studied music at New South Wales Conservatorium of Music in Sydney, Australia. His music has influenced by John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Charlie Parker.

Indra has become respectfully famous thru his virtuosity and successful record sales. He is well recognized not only as the Indonesian jazz icon, but also a great music motivator in Indonesia.

Up until today, he has released more than 65 produced albums and 46 solo/group albums.

The highlights of his recording career are albums /" No Standing /" and /" For Earth and Heaven /" that were recorded with musicians Vinnie Colaiuta, Michael Landau, Charlie Haden, Jimmy Haslip, Airto Moreira, Bobby Shew, Tootie Heath and released in USA by MCA Records 1985, and 2 singles became hit and listed in the Billboard Jazz chart. His other albums such as Aku Ingin, Reborn, Silver, Tree of Life, Joy Joy Joy, and Love Life Wisdom are also made the highlights of his musical career. Some of his original compositions has been favorably recognized as the standards for Indonesian musicians.

indra lesmana ACHIEVEMENT & AWARDS

- Best Jazz/Pop Keyboards Instrumentalist - Gadis [1989]

- Best Pop Selling Album : /" Aku Ingin /" - BASF Awards [1990]

- Diamond Achievement Awards - De Beers Diamond [1995]

- Best Jazz/Fusion Album producer : /" Saat Yang Terindah /" - 4th AMI Awards [2000]

- Best Jazz Vocalist - News Music Awards [2001]

- Best Keyboardist - News Music Awards [2001]

- Best Instrumental Song : /" Reborn /" - 5th AMI Awards [2001]

- Best Jazz/Contemporary Jazz Album producer : /" Kinanti /" - 6th AMI Awards [2002]

- Best Score/Soundtrack : /" Rumah Ke Tujuh /" - Festival Film Bandung [2003]

- Best Jazz/Contemporary Jazz Artist - 7th AMI Awards [2003]

- Best Jazz Song : / Mimpi & Rumah ke Tujuh / - 7th AMI Awards [2003]

- Best Jazz Arranger : /" Mimpi & Rumah ke Tujuh /" - 7th AMI Awards [2003]

- Best Jazz Producer : /" OST Rumah ke Tujuh /" - 7th AMI Awards [2003]

- Most Radical Musician : Nokia [2004]

- Most Favorite Jazz Player : JAK JAZZ [2008] - Most Prominent Jazz Musician : 33rd Jazz Goes To Campus - 4th JGTC Award [2010]

- Best Jazz Artist Instrumental Performance : 14th AMI Awards [2011]

- Most Influential Indonesian Musician on twitter : SWA magazine [2011]