Pandji Pragiwaksono

    Genre : Rap/Fusion/Funk

    Perform on:
    Friday March 4, 2011
    JavaJazz Stage

    Website :


About This Act :

PANDJI's positioned as 'Indonesia's Most Thought Provoking Voice' has proven through all his works, achievements and activities.
PANDJI's started his career as HRFM Bandung radio broadcaster allows him to influence people.
One good example is how PANDJI's voice empowers people and build commitments to some hence carried good will intention by helping children with cancer.
As co - Founder and guardian for c3 (community for children with cancer) organization.

Moving on in life he feels need to motivate people to live their dream.

With a mind who never sleeps his passion leads to his 1st HIP HOP Album PROVOCATIVE PROACTIVE.
Again raise patriotic excitements among young people as it becomes his 1st TV Show.
As conceptor and producer he simply intended to educate YOUTH to understand and learn politics.
Continuously Pandji provokes people to speak up to what they believe in.
He is also well known savvy in the digital world where some causes he provoked made numerous TRENDING TOPICS through twitter.
As a learning entrepreneur he has just launched his new marketing method called 'THE FREE LUNCH METHOD' Indonesia's marketing guru, Hermawan Kartajaya sees the method as something revolutionary, 'This is a New Wave Marketing solution, such a beautiful new world for marketers. Happy Surfing!'. His motto, I chase dreams. I dream 'em and then i make it happen.