LLW feat. Indra Lesmana, Barry Likumahuwa, Sandy Winarta

    Genre : Jazz Fusion

    Perform on:
    Saturday March 5, 2011
    A1 TEBS Hall

    Website :


About This Act :

LLW ( Lesmana Likumahuwa Winarta ) is an Indonesian jazz trio formed in early 2010, consisting of Indra Lesmana on keyboards, Barry Likumahuwa on electric bass, and Sandy Winarta on drums.

Indra Lesmana has been acknowledged as one of Indonesian jazz icons. He has collaborated and formed groups with so many artists. He has released more than 60 albums. Recently he has awarded as the most prominent jazz musician by JGTC - University of Indonesia and Indonesian most influential musician on twitter.

In this LLW group, Indra Lesmana presents Modern Jazz, Hard Bop, Funk to Nu Jazz which Barry Likumahuwa and Sandy Winartas skills are also impressive and essentials. They are now preparing their new record album called Love Life and Wisdom. In this new record, Indra shows his new collaboration with young promising Indonesian musicians, Dira Sugandi on vocal, Kyriz Boogiemen and also DJ Cream.

The trio group are involved and participated in numerous music community independent events.

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