Iwan Hasan & Andien, Enggar + Mery CHAMBER JAZZ

    Genre : Jazz Vocal

    Perform on:
    Friday March 4, 2011
    Semeru Garuda Indonesia Hall

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About This Act :

This Chamber Jazz group is a unique collaboration between four musicians creating a unique combination of guitar, vocals, piano and tuba.
Each of the four musicians is well established in their individual careers in the Indonesian music scene.
There is no drummer, and the tuba functions as the bass player.
While traditionally the tuba is used in early pre 1920 forms of jazz ('trad jazz' ; Dixieland), the group plays in a predominantly modern jazz style, besides incorporating classical, contemporary, and occasionally Indonesian ethnic influences.

The beginnings of this group started as an idea after Iwan and Andien had collaborated on various occasions since 2005, when Andien started to sing with Iwan's band Discus , especially their song For This Love (from Discus' 1st album) live in Discus concerts through the years. Outside Discus, Iwan and Andien had also collaborated on various occasions, performing as a duo or with a backup band.
On occasion Iwan also guested on Andien's solo show.
Eventually Discus brought Andien along to Germany to sing at Discus' performance at the prestigious Frank Zappa tribute festival Zappanale 2009 in Bad Doberan, Germany.
During that tour Iwan and Andien also performed as a duo in Brussels.

Building on their chemistry as a vocal- guitar duo, Iwan's knack for experimentation and trying the unusual started to fill his mind.
He imagined they could work with a tuba player (functioning as bassist) and a pianist to form a chamber music group.
He would draw upon influences from both his contemporary classical composition and jazz training, and combine them to create a new chamber jazz sound with classical sensibilities.
A leap into the unknown, considering there had been no precedent regarding this format.
There had never been a permanent group with the lineup of guitar, vocals, piano and tuba, without percussion, and playing jazz instead of classical, albeit classically influenced. While their repertoire consists mainly of jazz standards, unknown waters are still to be discovered as the group freely explores any direction they imagine, occasionally including ethnic Indonesian influences and avant garde experimentation while still maintaining an accessible jazz sound.
Occasionally they also play rearranged versions of songs from Andien's and Iwan's albums.
Being still a jazz group, albeit chamber jazz, improvisation still plays an important role in the music.

Educated in jazz and classical, Iwan Hasan is known as the founder, music director, guitarist, lead vocalist and main composer of the ethnic progressive band Discus, considered as the pioneer of Indonesian progressive rock.
The band's albums had been released in Italy, France, and Japan as well as Indonesia and had toured North America and Europe several times, performing in various festivals such as the Zappanale festival in Germany, ProgSol in Switzerland, Baja Prog in Mexico, ProgDay and Knitting Factory in the US, as well as Java Jazz Festival 2006.
They headlined their own show in Wurzburg Germany in 2005 with Swedish band Liquid Scarlet as their opening act.
They also won two Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) awards, and the Belgian progressive magazine Prog Resiste lists their first album '1st' as one of the world's five best progressive albums in 1999.
Discus is the only Indonesian band listed in the Progressive Rock Handbook, by Jerry Lucky.
CG Publishing, 2008, ISBN 978 - 18949 - 59766.
Their albums earned criticial acclaim in various progressive magazines and websites in the USA, Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Japan and the UK.
Iwan studied at Willamette University in Salem, Or, USA and received the Music Department Outstanding Student Award.
During his Willamette years (late 1980s) he became one of the most prominent jazz guitarists around the Salem area.
He had the experience of sending the crowd in hysteria at Mt Hood Jazz Festival in Oregon with his guitar playing with the Willamette Jazz Ensemble.
On other occasions he had jammed with Lew Tabackin and Don Lanphere, among others, and was semi finalist in 1991 Portland Classical Guitar Competition. He also is an orchestra arranger on Indonesian Top 40 pop albums such as various albums by Ungu, ST12, Boomerang, Getah, and others.
His discography includes 23 albums to date in which he appears either as artist, guest performer, composer, music director, vocal director, arranger or producer. He is also one of only two harp guitar players in Asia and his solo harp guitar performance is released on an American harp guitar compilation album called Beyond Six Strings (see
His contemporary classical chamber music composition Images was premiered in Salem, Oregon, USA in 1991 to a standing ovation. He was also one of Indonesian composers featured in the prestigious Pekan Komponis IX in Jakarta, 1998.
Since mid 2010 Iwan resigned from Discus to continue with other musical activities.

Andien is one of Indonesia's most prominent jazz singers.
Starting her career by earning three times weekly champion in Asia Bagus singing competition in Bali in 1999 as well as copper prize in Shanghai Asia New Singer Competition in 2000, she had released four albums to date which had produced many hit singles.
She had also won three Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) awards in 2000 and another two in 2002 and several Indonesian Music Video awards in 2000 and 2002.
In 2001 she won the Best Female Newcomer in Planet Music Awards, Singapore as well as being nominated for Best Artist that same year.
She studied jazz singing with Elfa Secioria and later with Deviana Daudsjah, two of the most prominent jazz educators in Indonesia.
Although her albums lean more to a jazzy pop direction, she also sings jazz standards and is active in the Indonesian jazz scene, often featured in the country's various jazz festivals.
Since 2005 she had often collaborated with Iwan Hasan and his band Discus, including performing with the band at Java Jazz Festival 2006 and at the prestigious Zappanale festival in Germany in 2009, as well as performing with Iwan as a duo.
She had collaborated with Jeff Lorber in Java Jazz Festival 2005, Bob James in ASEAN Jazz Festival 2008 in Batam, with Japanese vocal ensemble Jammin' Zeb in Java Jazz Festival 2008, as well as Griffith Frank and Bubi Chen in Java Jazz Festival 2010.
She also often performs with various orchestras in Jakarta such as the Twilite Orchestra, Magenta Orchestra and Dian Indonesia Band.
In mid 2010 she had released her fourth album Kirana, and her new hit single Moving On quickly became a major hit in Indonesian music charts as well as video charts.

Enggar Widodo is the most in demand session trombonist and tubist in the Indonesian jazz, classical, and pop music scene.
He plays with many different orchestras and often appears in numerous Indonesian TV shows.
He is also one of the founders of Pitoelas Big Band, one of the best jazz big bands in Indonesia.

Mery Kasiman holds a masters degree in music from Institut Musik Daya Indonesia, in which she studied under the tutelage of Deviana Daudsjah.
She is one of the most talented and promising young jazz pianist and arrangers in the Indonesian jazz scene today.
She has had years of experience performing regularly as a solo jazz pianist in various hotels and lounges.
She is one of the most in demand arrangers and has done film scoring, besides performing with various bands including Jakarta Broadway Singers, Aksan Sjuman and the Committee of the Fest, Rieka Roeslan, etc, and her own Mery Kasiman Project which created a sensation with its premiere at the Serambi Jazz event at Goethe Haus, Jakarta last year.
Like Iwan, she is also trained in jazz and classical.

This CHAMBER JAZZ project is the brainchild of Iwan Hasan.
Since its inception, the group had created a refreshing alternative in the Indonesian jazz scene.
The material performed mainly consists of jazz standards, some songs from Iwan's and Andien's albums, and adaptations of Indonesian traditional ethnic songs. One of their staple pieces is the JAVANESE SUITE, a collection of four traditional Javanese folksongs which Andien learned as a child, arranged and structured by Iwan to form a suite, in which Iwan plays the prepared guitar (acoustic guitar with staples on the strings - an adaptation of John Cage's prepared piano technique) to simulate gamelan sounds with no electronic effects.
Occasionally (but not always) the group collaborates with the Saxophone section of Pitoelas Big Band, the big band that Enggar founded.
In the future, the group plans to record an album together.