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    Saturday March 5, 2011
    First Media Stage

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In September 25, 2009 the U.S. Internationally well known Boston Fusion Jazz Guitarist Erucakra Mahameru also become the first Indonesian Modern Jazz Composer to be set in the Apple iTunes U.S. Jazz Chart with Top Songs and Albums entitled C Man published by Marathon Journey Music Publishing.

Later in August 31, 2010, Erucakra finally decided to have his Apple iTunes U.S. Jazz hits single 'Aranti's Code' remastered by Adam Nunn at the legendary recording Abbey Road Studios EMI Music London U.K.who made big hits with such legendary musical groups like the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Radio Head, U2, Green Day, Oasis, Foo Fighters and many more.

Along with the 'Aranti's Code' new remastered version, Erucakra also finally decided to form his first C Man Band consisted of Edie Zam (Bass), Johan Mustika (Keyboards) and Rusfian Karim (Drums) for such encouragement, motivation and introduction of what Jazz experts and medias claimed his music to be new Jazz musical genre (Neo Progressive Jazz) for the development of Indonesian Independent Jazz Communities generating mini concert tour across 5 cities-Jabodetabek in within Jakarta urban city Jazz of West Java surrounding.

The Miles Davis, John Coltrane and John Cage school of music stated Erucakra's skillful and masterful challenging music illustration to be 'Vision of The Future' (as quoted by Ed VanNess-Nusantara Symphony Orchestra Resident Conductor and Boston U PhD ) 15 years ago at The American Returnees Concert sponsored by 2 YPPIA-The Foundation for the Development of Indonesian-American Friendship Association in Medan City.

Erucakra met Edie Zam recommended by the late Ben Pasaribu for the first time to arrange the complete C Man Album a few years after their opening of the spectacular Marlboro 'Granat' show in Medan City in 1997.

Erucakra's Marathon Journey compositional episode known as 'The System' arranged by Edie Zam and the late Ben Pasaribu established in a group called 'Matrix Project' then becoming the Marlboro 'Granat' musical fanfare to open the first Kampusi Promo automated stage lighting technology performed in the Merdeka Square Medan City with total capacity of more than 100,000 viewers.

And until recently in September 2010 following his C Man 'Aranti's Code' remastered, one of the well known U.S. Performing Rights Licensing Organizations ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) offered him such challenging opportunity through his New York City based artist agency to license his C Man music to great nominated Oscar and Grammy films like Avatar, Iron Man2, Harry Potter along with Cable Television Networks like The CNN, FOX, etc.

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