Bonita & The Husband

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After the release of her first album in 2003, Bonita continued writing her own new songs. In mid 2006, a four parts band was formed to accompany Bonita performing songs from her second album. But in 2008, the formation became only three parts band (BONITA-vocal,ADOY-guitar, and BHARATA- percussions).The band became interpersonally and musically more intense. They re not only performing Bonitas songs but bands compositions and some cover songs as well. They decided to name the band BONITA & the hus BAND (BNTHB).

This three parts band made their first foreign performance in Singapore, Esplanade Outdoor Theatre @ On the Waterfront Series Indie Asia on April 2009. BNTHB gained warm responses from audiences in these three days performances.Their volume-1 CDs were sold out in this event.

On May 2009 Jimmy Tobing joined BNTHB and made this four parts band even more solid in their live performances. Each of them have strong musical performance characters: BONITAs soulful singing & total expression, ADOYs percussive & tight-rhythm guitar style, BHARATAs solid & singing-like percussion style, JIMMYs powerful & eclectic style made this acoustic quartet total, intense, fun & joy in their performances brings up soul, pop, and folk nuances


2010, BONITAs concert Terimakasih, teater Salihara, Jakarta 2010, BONITAs second album launching, Barcode Organic Stage, Kemang, Jakarta 2009, BONITA & the hus BAND, 1st swarakahwa di coffeewar, Kemang, Jakarta
2010, opening act Festival Salihara, Salihara, Jakarta
2010, music performance on Pidato Kebudayaan - Jakarta Art Council,Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta
2010, Mosaic Music Festival, Esplanade, Singapore, March 15-16 2009, On the Waterfront Series - Indie-Asia, Esplanade Outdoor Theater, Singapore
2007, Dial-A-Diva: 24-hour world-wide live music phonecast hosted in Stavanger, Norway
2010, Java Jazz Festival, Masima Stage 2006 Java Jazz Festival, Import Stage


As a solo artist Bonita has released two albums. BONITA is her self-titled album. Released in 2003 under the Universal Musik Indonesia.The singles were Merah and Aku. It was produced by Yuka Dian Narendra.
April 2009, BNTHB participated in On the Waterfront Series - Indie Asia, Esplanade, Singapore. Together with the band they produced the mini album BONITA & the hus BAND - volume 1, limited edition to be sold in this event.
December 2009, Bonita released her second album titled ...laju. There are five episodes representing the stories of her life since 2004. Few songs marked those episodes such as Rumahku, Komidi Putar, Ari , It is Over Now , Jatuh Cinta. This album was awarded as number 3 of 20 best albums of theYear 2010 by Rolling Stone Indonesia.
BONITA & the hus BAND -volume 2, limited edition contains seven BNTHBs songs. Jimmys presence adds new soul to this album compare to previous BNTHBs volume.This album was released at BNTHBs performance in Mosaic Music Festival 2010, Esplanade, Singapore, March 15, 2010.