Mian Tiara & D'Organics

    Genre : Jazz / Pop

    Perform on:
    Sunday March 6, 2011
    First Media Stage

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About This Act :

My first public performance took place at school when I was in 6th grade, playing drums.
I was still taking classical guitar course with my sister at that time.
Think I was feeling more into learning how to play drums instead.
I had to stick with classical guitar for a few more years when I gradually learned to play piano and the basic principals about jazz from my good friend, Riza Arshad.
And as for the singing, I'm more of a self-taught one.
Had a singing course from my friend, though briefly.
But mostly I would just finding out my own style of doing it.
I've been passionate about music and loving it more as I grown up.
For I always remember liking the sensation of being on stage for the first time, wanting and knowing that someday I will make my own music.
To be given the chance to work with some of the wonderful musicians.

Lyricist: My first encounter with Indra Lesmana happened back in 1997.
He was working on a project where he asked me to help him writing some of the lyrics.
I ended up writing seven out of nine songs and we've been working together since.
Just to mention a few; Ermy Kullit 'Saat Yang Terindah', Andien 'Sahabat Setia', Sarah Silaban, Riza & Oele 'Talks', and the soundtrack from Indonesian movie called 'Rumah Ke - Tujuh'.
Also, I've had a few gigs as the back up singer (with my sister, how nice!) for some singers and other musicians as well, playing live or for recording sessions.
The latest one is called Jazz Masa Kini, a jazz compilation from Aksara Records, where I sit on the fifth track of the album. It's called 'Three Colors'. Jingles: It started out at the very same year when I met Riza Arshad, one great musician and a really good friend of mine. He also has a band called 'simakDialog' and other project by the name of 'Trioscapes' We've been working together for ten years now. Been doing and learning a lot of stuff, being in this business.
We also have a very nice studio where we can explore ideas and make connections to the internet to make this profile seen.
Now other than making jingles, I'm more into performing as many as I can.

Since I don't really have any particular band to play with. But I usually doing gigs with my friends; Riza Arshad, Nikita Dompas, Indra Perkasa, Indra Aziz.
Also, with my sister, Meuthia and her soulmate, Anda who happen to be soulfully talented.
We recently performed at the Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta under the name Indra Aziz Quintet and me as their manager and featured singer.
He thought that maybe he can use my abilities to the max.
Love to collaborate with many musicians as often as possible.
The road manager: Once a good friend of mine told me something like, 'It's the worst job that has to be done perfectly'.
Very well put, but I guess I'm lucky to have my friends who make my job so much easier. As I am now helping two of my friends bands, White Shoes & The Couples Company and Indra Aziz Quintet.
Making my own album: Is pretty much what I'm doing right now. What you're listening are the first two tracks. Hope you fancy them.
Thank you so much for hopping in.
Do enjoy my music and hopefully we can work together someday.