Genre : Pop Music

    Perform on:
    Sunday March 6, 2011
    B1 Hall MLD Spot

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About This Act :

DREW is a 4-man band that plays pop music with a significant acoustic touch. Starting our career from way back in the early 2007, DREW is originally a band that performs cover songs in some of Jakarta's best local spots that have a great music ambiance. But now, since we never stop writing our own music, we are currently seeking opportunities to complete our transformation, from a cover band to the original recording artist by producing our first upcoming album with our original songs in most tracks.

From Loca!.. to Ke;Kun.. to Satoe Lagie Bar.. to The Trip.. And the most recent, SHY Rooftop, DREW has only played a few gigs with the trio formation. Because with only one guitar and a Cajon, the beat never quite add up to the expectation that we are hoping to achieve. So, we almost never missed a gig without an additional bass player. Bagus M Noor from Inersia and Acoustic Fever, Rhesa Aditya from Endah N Rhesa, also Shanda Singgih ex-Wong Pitoe.

After a year playing from cafe to cafe, we decided to move forward. Our 2007 song 'Unromantic' was sent to Daniel Tumiwa from NuBuzz Network, and gained a spot in the first NuBuzz Compilation Album in 2008.

After 'Unromantic' was out, our calendar was just keep getting fuller and busier each week. We've played 3 gigs in a night or a marathon week where we performed from Tuesday to Sunday. It is crazy. Our first plan was just to earn money from our weekly cafe gig, but this is beyond that, our planned has changed. DREW is on the move. The Trio formation lasts for a year and a little bit more. Until we've reached a decision to add a bass player to the band. Not as an additional like before, but to be a part of the team. We've had trials with a few of Jakarta's best bass players including Rendi 'Kopay' who at that time plays for RAN. But didn't worked out as planned. Before Kopay, we've also asked Shanda to join us, but his full schedule with all sorts of different bands makes him impossible to join us. At that time.

Finally, after long months playing regularly with us, And long months of getting to know the whole DREW family, Shanda Singgih, an old friend of us (Putra and Sashi's grade schoolmate) and a great bass player, agreed to join DREW as the forth and last member of the band.

We are working on our first album with the musical maestro Andi Rianto, hope to be released on Java Jazz Festival 2010.