Andien : The B-Sides

    Genre : Jazz / Pop

    Perform on:
    Saturday March 5, 2011
    C2 Brava Esquire Hall

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About This Act :

Born August 25 1985 in Jakarta, Andini Aisyah Hariadi, better known simply as Andien, is one of the most prominent jazz singers in Indonesia. Winning various singing competitions since the tender age of 14 both in Indonesia and Shanghai, she released her first album at 15, produced by her voice teacher, the late Elfa Secioria. To date she has released four albums and received 5 Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) awards, 4 Indonesian Video Awards and one Planet Music Award in Singapore. Through the years, she had collaborated with various musicians, such as with Jeff Lorber at Java Jazz Festival (JJF) 2005, with Japanese vocal ensemble Jammin Zeb (JJF 2008), with Bob James (ASEAN Jazz Festival 2008 Batam Indonesia), Griffith Frank (JJF 2010), as well as with Indonesian jazz piano legend Buby Chen (JJF 2010) and Indonesian progressive rock pioneer band Discus (JJF 2006). She had also performed with Discus at the prestigious Zappanale festival 2009 in Bad Doberan, Germany and in Belgium. Besides her solo career, she is also a member of the female allstar vocal group 5 Wanita (with Rieka Roeslan etc) and Chamber Jazz (with Iwan Hasan).

Her fourth album, Kirana, was released in September 2010 and featured the hit single Moving On which became a major hit in the Indonesian music and video charts. The album quickly became a bestseller. In January 2011 the second single Pulang was promoted. The album was produced by Nikita Dompas and Rifka Rachman.

While her 2010 Java Jazz Festival performance celebrated her return as a solo act in the festival (after several years of appearing as guest on other artists performances) by performing songs from all her albums, in 2011 she will focus on performing songs from Kirana.


Previously known as the sweet teenage singer with sunny cheerful songs, Andien has now reached a new mature, adult stage of her life different than her former self; the B-side of her. Her upcoming performance at Java Jazz 2011 will reflect this B-side, a new maturity not evident in previous years: the mature, bolder, sensual, fearless, adult Andien. This new B-side of her will be revealed on her show. The music arrangement and stage design will reveal a newfound sense of intimacy, intiviting the audience to come into her world. Besides songs from Kirana, her older songs will also be given new interpretations in line with this B-side concept. The music performed by her band will be more mature, occasionally a bit darker and less naive. The band will consist of Nikita Dompas (guitar, music director), Bonar Abraham (bass), Ali Akbar Sugiri (keyboards), Dimas Pradipta (drums), Didiet (violin), and Dandy (sequencer), along with a four piece horn section consisting of trumpet, trombone, alto and tenor sax.