Bubi Chen Plays Pop

    Genre : Instrumental Jazz

    Perform on:
    Sunday March 6, 2011
    Semeru Garuda Indonesia Hall

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About This Act :

Bubi Chen is the "Art Tatum of the East"; hands down, he is one of Indonesia's greatest jazz virtuoso. A self-taught jazz musician, he was also the former student of Teddy Wilson. Residing in Surabaya, Bubi Chen was the founder of The Circle, a group comprising of musicians such as Maryono, F.X. Boy, Zainal, Tri Wijayanto and Koes Syamsudin. Alongside Jack Lesmana, Maryono, Kiboud Maulana, Benny Mustafa and Jopie Chen, Bubi Chen was also a member of Indonesian All Stars, a group which performed at Berlin Jazz Festival in 1967.