Genre : Instrumental Jazz

    Perform on:
    Friday March 4, 2011
    A1 TEBS Hall
    Saturday March 5, 2011
    A1 TEBS Hall

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About This Act :

What is it that pulls a person into a specific genre of music? Perhaps the question
here should be re-stated: What is it about BAUCHKLANG that breaks the boundaries 
of any of the world-wide, underground, or popular genres, and stands alone in an 
undefined region of modern music? For these six vocalists, the question is constantly 
redefining the answer, and the answer always has something to do with substance, 
groove, and nothing but human voice and a microphone.>bk creating new sounds and 
realised the vison of doing "beat" - music without electronic helps but with the same 
pressure and intensity.

Building and crossing bridges over such styles as Ragga, drum&bass,
Hip-Hop,world music avantgard and Electronic; BAUCHKLANG has created an 
energy and a presence that leaves a positive vibe and a revolutionary 
buzz swirling around anyone who comes in to contact with them
- be it from their dynamic live performances or from the speakers of a car stereo.

Music listeners who distinguish themselves by their scene, style, age, 
mentality, generation, music preference and taste - it is as if their 
personalities become suspended for the duration of a concert, as they 
watch in recognition and disbelief from what their eyes, ears, and souls 
are experiencing. (From 'Goths' to 'Hip-hopper's,' you can be sure that anyone 
who sees BAUCHKLANG live gives props and a shout out from their 
corner of music-land. And what about in the studio "Jamzero" (ecco.chamber records) was the debut release, in 2001 that 
immediately sent waves of excitement across Europe and even as far as 
Montreal, Canada where their 'one night invitation' to the 'Montreal Jazz Festival' 
turned out to be a week of playing shows in front of ecstatic audiences.