Eastmania feat. Kai Eckhardt

    Genre : Fusion/Jazzrock

    Perform on:
    Saturday March 5, 2011
    Kementerian Perdagangan Hall
    Sunday March 6, 2011
    C1 PAC Hall

    Website :


About This Act :

EASTMANIA is a fresh concept of today, well rooted in the past...It aims to inspire a better future for the music scene of the East. It transports and merges musical cultures and tradtions of the East and the West through one universal language. A true melt-down performed by prominent artists from both sides of the planet. Therefore, it expresses their respective musical traditions and their passions. It dares to test on the ground new musical ideas never explored before. We hope that Eastmania will draw a new line of a powerful and healthy musical culture, influencial for generations to come, and re-unifying to a human spirit, lost into today\'s meaninglessness of modern life..a spirit that dived into the commercial results of the so called \"music industry\"...