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About This Act :

After 18 years living his life for music, now he make a bigger step ahead. So many years had been passed to wait for this special moment. In the beginning ANDA used to play in high school and made a band with his best friend from that time, Yuka Dian Narendra. Since then they made and created music together with their band, The Hours of Silence.

After that Anda formed POP with Cliff and Yuka as well. The three of them had a unique and advance kind of music. But at that time not so many people appreciated their creativity. Lots of 'label people' would ignore and turned their heads upon them.

Then he also made a rock band called The House of The Rising Sun. Which included Boris Simandjuntak, Njet and Andre 'Chilling' from Flowers and also Ivanka whose now is the bass player for Slank.

Anda also played with many bands such as Pulau Biru Jammin' from Potlot, Imanez, Flowers (the very first form), Potret and Bunga. He spent most of his times helped Melly Goeslaw, Anto Hoed and Ari Ayunir from Potret.

Not so long after that, he had been asked to join Bunga as guitarist, replacing the late Galang Rambu Anarki, their previous guitarist. They worked together for their second album "Ojo Ngono" and "Bunga".

He was experiencing many tours with many musicians. Besides Potret and Bunga, he also worked on tour with Shanty for her second album, Boyz Band with Ipang from BIP and some others.

Aside from performing Anda also well collaborated in making soundtracks. In 2000-2001 Melly asked him to sing for one song in her project for movie soundtrack Ada Apa Dengan Cinta. The movie was produced by MiLes Production and directed by Riri Riza The song "Tentang Seseorang" was quite a hit at the time, along with the album and the movie itself.

The recent project brought him to another one called Lovely Luna and Dunia Mereka. Both movies were directed by Lasja F. Susatyo. Here, he collaborated with Aksan Sjuman as head of soundtrack departments.

In 2006 he again worked with Melly Goeslaw in a movie called Heart, starred by Nirina Zubir. The song "Menghitung Hari 2" was a nice success. Then in "The Photograph", Aksan called him again to sing duo with his sister, Bonita in one tune called "Keroncong Sampai Mati". Some musicians said that this could be his breakthrough for his musical challenge.

And after ten years joined Bunga, finally he went alone as a soloist. So without further ado he started his own solo project. At first the process was quite hard. Considering of how hard the chances of getting accepted and many other obstacles. Yuka and Anda already started their own small 'homework' for this album but in simpler way.

They collected their money to record the songs with help from their fellow musicians. Then at the time Danny Ardiono introduced Anda to Mr. Alex Wibowo, a real music enthusiast. After some meetings finally Mr. Wibowo became his executive producer. With this blessing opportunity the album slowly advanced.

Many musicians were participate in this making process. Names such as Riza Arshad, Aksan Sjuman, Indra Lesmana, Anto Hoed and Didit Saad were also worked together to make each songs sounded beautifully.

Some of the songs were created from years and years before. Couple of his songs even already 15 years old. "I never thought it would come to this. At first I had no idea how can I made my album. Sometimes I still like to wonder, until now. Thanks a million for Mr. Alex who trusted me with my own songs, my own music without hesitation. This album won't be finished if I didn't meet all of these marvelous people", he said.

Now after long hard process of the making, adjusting many ideas into one vision, the album has finished. His debut album called In Medio. It means 'in between' which taken and translated from Latin.

His dream is to let go all the boundaries in music itself. "For one day we will play the music without considering which and what kind of music do we play. I would like to dismiss certain specifications in music," he explained, "why can't we just play music without seeing our back grounds and make a big deal out of it? Isn't that the music is all about, just play, just shout it out loud and share our feelings together?"

The album were put together by one hell of fantastic producers like Danny Ardiono who also play drums in the band, Yuka Dian Narendra, who has many talents beside music and Didit Saad, who once helped him back on his feet. The mixture between those three were amazing.

"It is always been very refreshing, challenging and depressing as well. But from that finally we could found he's true character through his music," said these cool people behind the album.

Then Anda asked some friends to help him perform. The band then called The Joints. With hendra Timothy on bass, Mery Kasiman on keyboards/piano, Danny on drums and Mian Meuthia on backing vocal/tambourine. During the making of this album, they used to perform together a lot.

They giving tremendous energy towards each other. They always in a 'jammin' spirit' when they got on stage and on rehearsal. So, each member has contributed in writing some ideas for the songs, sharing their stories and musical ideas, making the album rich with their mixture of different backgrounds and character.

Now with demajors Independent Music Industry, Anda also working together in Compilation Album "Synchronized". Lots of musicians are in this album. It started when Davis Karto asked Anda to perform in one event called Synchronized in EX Plaza.

From there everything started to dilating into bigger vision. So hopefully, within time we all could get our goals together in it. This is the man with big hope for his music, new colors, eclectic yet so wonderful! You must not miss it for the world! It's a guarantee! Like Anda once said, "If you make things from the heart than others will hear it with their hearts."