RTM Orchestra (Malaysia)

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About This Act :

Orkestra RTM is the first orchestra in Malaysia founded in 1961. Its pioneers, with strong backing from then Minister of Information, Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie, were all fervent jazz supporters who wrote songs in the jazz idiom, as well as playing and broadcasting Malaysian jazz music. Jazz reached its pinnacle of popularity from the 60s to the mid 70s. Despite the temporary retreat in the last decades giving way to other genres such as rock, rap, and hip-hop, Malaysian jazz music can make a comeback through big band format. Orkestra RTM is tasked with the responsibility to produce entertainment programs for broadcasting purposes. Therefore, it is rightfully the most suitable candidate to produce, perform and promote original Malaysian songs in the style of jazz. When original Malaysian songs are presented in the common jazz idiom, it can create another effective means of promoting Malaysian music in the international arena. Back in the home front, jazz music is very much appreciated in the elite society. It is very popular in weddings, functions, shopping complexes and entertainment outlets. Original Malaysian compositions will now have a shared platform, international and nationwide.