Dedication feat. Alexandra Sherling, Valeri Grohovski's Jazz Trio, Hermitage

    Genre : Jazz-classic & contemporary

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About This Act :

A collaboration of a unique jazz project "Dedication" of ALEXANDRA SHERLING, vocal, and VALERI GROHOVSKI's jazz trio and ALEXEI UTKIN's "Hermitage" Ensemble of Soloists is bound to blow the JJF 2010 audience away.

VALERI GROHOVSKI is a piano genius that holds one of the top notches of all-world recognition. Today he is proud to present his new jazz project with ALEXANDRA SHERLING, a young singer.

"Hermitage" Ensemble of Soloists is a bright and stylish Moscow collective. With this classical group you will learn that classical music is not boring, that classical music is very exciting! The members of ensemble are very young talented musicians, that in 2000 draw together around Alexei Utkin, outstanding oboist. He is fairly known by his title of "Russia's Golden Oboe": Utkin's unique mastership made it possible to position oboe on the world music scene as a solo instrument. He has had courage to start performing all solo parts composed for oboe, than he broadens its diapason and potential by aspecial adaptations for oboe. Alexei Utkin's instrument itself is one of the rarest instruments in the world designed for Utkin by "Loree", famous French music instrument manufacturer.

The program of ALEXANDRA SHERLING and instrumental trio of VALERI GROHOVSKI consist of popular jazz standards. However the audience will be pleasantly surprised: vocal performance and musical score will resound as a new interpretation. It opens a second breath to jazz, immortal music style.