State of Monc

    Genre : Electronic Jazz

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About This Act :

State of Monc gives an undeniable and compelling vision of where jazz is going. At the cutting edge of pumping dance, complex breakbeats and more traditional jazz, this Dutch sextet built around Arthur Flink and Hielke Praagman spins a unique, new sound that ushers in a new era all its own. As children of the dance age trained in traditional jazz, State of Monc fuses a slick electronic sound with pure jazz on acoustic instruments with an almost deceptive ease. And not only their press but their audiences confirm that they have elevated their sound to a totally new style, one that proves to be difficult to put into words. State of Monc has a musical story to tell, which they do with amazing drive and variation, all the while toying with the balance between electronics, brass and acoustic bass and percussion. The result is music with the smarts and soul of jazz that pumps with the energy of dance. September 2006 saw the release of their long-awaited second album Clippertron on Challenge Records. On Clippertron the band works their primal, powerful wave of contemporary sound into sophisticated and refined original compositions. Clippertron is produced by Michel Schoots (Urban Dance Squad) and State of Monc, and features Michel van Schie, Ben van den Dungen, and other special guests. A new chapter in Dutch-grown nu-jazz. One year after the release of Clippertron, a new special edition called 'Clippertron Extended' will be released. This edition features a second cd filled with new material, including a remix of the titlesong by the Flowriders and a guest performance by Pete Philly on 'Big'.