Notturno feat Chroma String Quartet

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About This Act :

As a result of almost five years friendship, three individuals with different visions but same mission, finally agreed to form a trio ensemble.

Joshua, Cak Hend, and Masmo played together for the first time as sidemen of Beben Jazz's ensemble called Beben Quartet (BQ) in 2005. The three also active in Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran/KJK (Kemayoran Jazz Community), one of the biggest jazz communities in Indonesia. After two years playing music together in many gigs, occassionals, events (they've performed with BQ in Java Jazz Festival 2005-2006, Jakarta International Jazz Festival 2006-2008, played as host band in the socio-political talk show called "City View" at JakTV, a local TV station in Jakarta, KJK's special event), finally they decided to form an ensemble in February, 2007 - seperated from BQ.

They agree to experience some fun and exclaim adventure in immeasurable world of music. They agree to look for new harmony of music, taking root from various musical colours which they have wrestled during the time. They shall agree flying to the mysterious realm of ideas but preoccupy. Then they agreed to state themself as notturno.

After releasing their first indie mini album '4.25 AM', they got oppurtunity to perform in Java Jazz Festival 2008 (on community stage). And then Notturno is back with a singel called Jiro - It takes Him 3 Steps Forward, featuring a young tenor saxophonist, Yudha Gautama. This song's included in a soundtrack album from one of the best modern Indonesian thriller movie by Joko Anwar, Pintu Terlarang [released January 2009].

In April 2009, Cak Hend and friends released their 2nd record (now in full album and major distribution by Demajors all around country) called Volume 1 - Akoustica Adventure, a first of their trilogy album which each album will be tittled by word 'Volume' [after volume 1, they will release 'Volume 2' and 'Volume 3']. This album featuring some guest musicians, including one young female jazz vocalist named Adyuta Abandhika.

Since then notturno participated in various musical events both jazz and other genres, including big events such as the Malacca Strait Jazz Festival 2008 in Pekanbaru, Ngayogjazz 2008 in Jogja, ASEAN Jazz Festival 2009 in Batam, Jazz Goes To Campus 2009, Solo City Jazz Festival 2009, and many others. Now, beside have a busy gig schedule, this trio will present in another soundtrack album for a thriller horror movie called Rumah Dara by The Mo Brothers, hopefully release in the first quarter of 2010.

The trio will be back in the studio in January 2010, preparing their third album (Volume 2: Lyrikal Adventure). Meanwhile, a project of their free improvisations (a 40 minutes non-stop live recording) will be released as a independent digital album that can be downloaded for free in February 2010 (under their own record label, NotJ422 Syndicate). In addition, notturno will also be busied during 2010 by some movie scoring and soundtrack album projects for Indonesian independent and cult movies.

The journey continues.... For them, notturno is an adventure, a journey, an odyssey, to fuse their motley visions of music and art philosophy. Do you want to join in their art and musical journey? So, welcome to the adventure world of notturno.