Glenn Fredly

    Genre : Jazz Vocal

    Perform on:
    Friday March 4, 2011
    A2 BNI Hall

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About This Act :

Glenn Fredly is now back with new album LOVEVOLUTION. With the latest single "CUMA KAMU" to pleased all of his fans.This album released on 6th February 2010 in Esplanade Theatre,Singapore. He also did his 2nd Concert in Esplanade called LOVEVOLUTION after he did his 1st concert named Intimate Concert in 2008.In CUMA KAMU, Glenn worked with DJ Sumantri as arranger and Oni K as arranger for strings. Once again,he has brought different color for Indonesia music industry.In album LOVEVOLUTION,Glenn presents 14 songs with full of color of music. The lists are : Lovevolution, Nyali Terakhir, Cuma Kamu, How Can I, Hurts So Bad, Pelangi, Linda (I Want You), Tersimpan, NOBY, AKu dan Sepedaku, Brown Eyed Girl, Timur, Karena Cinta and there's one song titled LET'S SAY LOVE,he collaborates with Sandhy Sondoro and Endah & Rhesa.. Such a greattt song

"Private Collection" his 9th album and this album really reflect all the feelings that exist; joy, love, pain, trust and hate. This album is different than the previous; it is more universal because according to Glenn, music is not something you could separate in to boxes. And that is one of the reason why he always explore and dig deeper with full of totality in to all his works.

Before "Private Collection", Glenn has released his 8th album "Happy Sunday".What make this album special is because he is bringing the totally different image of Glenn than what people had in mind as melancholic singer. This album is arranged and packed with freshness. One of the songs from all 13 selected songs is an old work and a masterpiece from its time. The title is Kugadaikan Cintaku by Gombloh.

There might be some people who don't really know about Glenn's master pieces, so let us step back to past for a while. In 1998, he released a self titled album "Glenn". In the year 2000, he released the second album "Kembali" with some sweet songs like; Kasih Putih, Rame Rame and Salam bagi Sahabat.

As his producer there are lots of things to consider in the making of the third album. One of them is because the sales of the 2 previous albums are not too satisfying. So it is a bit risky for them when they finally decided to produce the 3rd album.

But finally because of his resoluteness in convincing the producer, also with the help of Aminoto Kosin, one of the musician who helps Glenn's career in music industry since the very first beginning. The producer agreed to produce the album.

The 3rd album "Selamat Pagi Dunia!" is a big success! With the hits; Januari, Sekali Saja and Terpesona, Glenn received a Triple Platinum Award and Five times Platinum. Automatically, this album is a best seller.

Glenn Fredly Deviano Latuihamallo, is an Ambones guy born on September 30th 1975. He got his talent since he was a very young boy. He won lots of trophy in singing contest since he was still in elementary school. He got even better achievement when he won 1st position in "Cipta Pesona Bintang" in one of the TV Station in 1995 and becoming one of the finalists in "Asian Song Festival" in 1996. He even won the 3rd position and Best of the Best Singer in the International Song Festival "Asia Dauzy" in Russia in 2001, where as the contestant are from Asia, U.S., Europe. People once know him as the lead vocal of a band named Funk Section before he finally decided to go on solo. He received a bigger success from the 4th album the re-package of "Selamat Pagi Dunia!" and continuing to 5th album, the whole soundtrack for a movie "Cinta Silver".

In year 2006, Glenn released two albums in a row. The 6th album is a recycle project with the title "Aku dan Wanita". In this album he sings the works from local and international music Legend such as; Christ Kayhatu, Titiek Puspa, even Eddie Brickell and he arrange all the songs in to his own sweet style.

To end the year 2006, he launched a Christmas album called "Terang". He makes the album with full of joy and a very simple arrangement that make us feel the music even more.

August 2007, he finally released "Happy Sunday". This album is quiet a big surprise to the people, because it is a totally different image with the usual image of Glenn. But that is Glenn, he always want to explore his music deeper and deeper.

In his whole carrier time, he has been working and collaborates with some international musician such as; Amy Mastura, George Duke, Julio Iglesias, Kenny G and lots of other names.

This singer and musician who really care about Global Warming and the next generation have sold millions of copies. He also got the predicate as the Hit Maker; even all his works for other people also make a hit as well.