Eric Benet with Ron King Big Band

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Eric Benet-"The Hunger"

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They say home is where the heart is, and Eric returned to his Milwaukee, Wisconsin roots to record his Friday/Reprise/Warner Bros. Records CD Love & Life. Collaborating with his longtime production partner Demonte Posey and writer/producer/cousin George Nash, Jr., Eric completely opened his heart and soul with this decidedly organic production, exercising complete creative control over for the first time in his career. Co-writing and producing eleven of the twelve tracks with his partners, "musically and creatively, it's just as I envisioned it. I wanted to make a record that was a good feeling R&B record, and some of the best R&B for me growing up had a dash of gospel, a couple dashes of jazz. You could feel the social consciousness and you could feel where the artist was in their life. Whatever challenges, victories, blessings that I'm presently experiencing and the fruit of all that, are the songs that I write." Having fun through the entire process, Eric's sustained motivation from experiencing love and living life can be heard skillfully weaved throughout every album track.

We fell in love with Eric Benet on his 1999 debut "True to Myself" featuring the Grammy nominated "Spend My Life With You" along with hits including "Femininity", "Spiritual Thang" and "Let's Stay Together". We weathered the storm with him on his 2004 album Hurricane. Now, Love & Life reflects the Eric Benet that feels confident and celebratory about his approach toward happy living. "There's an energy and feeling that you get from the whole record. The journey is mine, but there's no one who can't relate."