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How To get There

Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
Travel time 30 to 45 minutes
Distance 25 kilometers

Exit the airport and follow the signs for the toll road (Prof. Dr. Ir. Sediyatmo)

Continue going straight towards the City of Jakarta and enter the first toll road gate on the right-hand side of the road

After you enter the third toll road gate (Lingkar Dalam Kota/ Toll Pluit), continue in the direction of Grogol/Cawang towards the city centre

You will pass two large shopping malls on your right-hand side (Ciputra Mall and Mall Taman Anggrek)

Exit the toll road in Semanggi (there will be a sign); take the second block then turn left on the Semanggi drive past under the bridge and then take another left turn going up the fly over.

Drive until you can see The Sultan Hotel on your left side. Continue then turn left before the fly over, and then turn left into JCC entrance gate. Follow the signage until you reach the building.

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Jakarta, Indonesia.

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. The population of the city is 9 million people that consist of various ethnic groups from all over Indonesia. The influence of the foreign countries produces the diversification in art and culture. Jakarta has become the hub of ethnic groups, customs, languages, arts and cultures exist in both Indonesia and international, such as China, Arab, Turkey, England and Netherlands for a long time, no wonder the assimilation among them occurs.

Jakarta has a tropical climate with the annual average temperature to 27 C it is located near the equator, the wind is affected by a seasonal wind. West Seasonal Wind blows between November and April while East seasonal wind blows between May and October. City Jakarta temperature is under influence of sea wind as it is located along the coastal lines. The average of raindrop is 2,000 mm. The biggest raindrop is around in January and the smallest one is in September.