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Dhruv began studying Indian classical music at the age of nine. His love with the guitar began while still in school and in a few years he founded Chakraview, a rock band. 1996 saw the end of Chakraview, and the beginning of his working relationship with Ashutosh Phatak. Dhruv & Ashu co-founded Smoke Studios and begun an extremely successful career at music-makers for ad films and alternative movies, with over 3000 projects delivered to date. Dhruv continued to study music, and learned under the great sarangi exponent Sultan Khan. In 1997, Dhruv's desire for a more formal education in music, mainly jazz, led him to the Musicians Institute in California and the Berkley College of Music. 'Distance' is Dhruv's debut as a solo artist. This fusion/world effort will set precedents for all World Artists emerging from the continent. With virtuoso arrangements, peaceful orchestration and an ability to bridge Jazz and contemporary Indian sounds, Dhruv is a complete guitarist, musician and song-writer.