Quasimode (Japan)

    Genre : Soul/Jazz

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About This Act :

Comprising of Hirado Yusuke on piano and keys, Takahiro "Mattz" Matsuoka on percussion, Kazuhiro Sunaga on bass and Takashi Okutsu on drums, Quasimode caught the attention of key figures in club-Jazz scene and led to the worldwide release of 12-inch EP from the Swedish Raw Fusion label in April, 2004. The EP was played vigorously by the leading DJs and it attracted the attention worldwide. In June of 2006, Quasimode released their first album, “oneself – LIKENESS, which sold very well and was ranked as number 1 on the club chart at CD shops owned by non-Japanese companies and was licensed by FREESTYLE in UK. The 2nd single, “Ipe Amarelo,” was released from Raw Fusion label and it included the recordings of not only their original songs but also remixed version of the songs by Spiritual South from UK. The single was nominated as Track of the Year by the BBC’s radio program, All Winners 2006, hosted by Gilles Peterson. In 2007, the second album, “The Land of Freedom”, was released and it was ranked at the 4th place for 2007 BEST JAZZ RECORDS chosen by the J-WAVE’S radio program hosted by Gilles Peterson. The album became worldwide sensation; it was ranked at the top of club as well as Jazz charts of not only CD shops but also iTunes Store in Japan and SONAR KOLLEKTIV, Germany label led by JAZZANOVA, licensed the album and released it worldwide. A live album, “Straight to the Land of Freedom,” which recorded the live featuring the second album with guest performers, Carmen Lundy, and Masato Nakamura at LIQUIDROOM was released in March of 2008, becoming a smash hit. With drawing the attention from Japan and the world, especially Europe, quasimode released their much-expected third album, “SOUNDS OF PEACE,” on October 3, 2008 which was ranked at the 2nd place on the TOWER RECORDS’ Jazz chart for the year and chosen as the best Jazz album by iTunes. quasimode as a Japanese representative will release a cover album, “MODE OF BLUE,” from BLUE NOTE label on January 28, 2009, which is an anniversary cover album for its 70th anniversary. Quasimode has become one of the most popular Japanese Jazz band now in and out of Japan and has also received high appraisals for their producing and doing remix works for such artists as IDEA6, Markus Enochson, Yasuko Agawa, and Masa Collective.