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There’s something deep in the soul of Scotland that produces great blues and R&B singers. Some of rock’s top vocalists over the years, from Rod Stewart to Maggie Bell to Santana’s lead vocalist Alex Ligertwood, have come out of that musically fertile land. Alex grew up in the rough and tumble city of Glasgow. For him, it was a place just east of Detroit and Memphis. He loved American music, especially Motown, R&B, and the emotional charge packed by the leading soul singers of the sixties. It was raw, electric and didn’t hold anything back. His musical idols included the legendary voices of Ray Charles, Sam Cook, Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye, good company for a budding vocalist. The Scotsman’s natural talents didn’t take long to recognize. One of the first to spot Ligertwood’s big soulful voice was Jeff Beck. He promptly made Ligertwood lead vocalist for the Jeff Beck band in the early seventies. Next up was a stint with another legendary British band, Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express. Alex recorded four albums with Auguer’s jazz-rock unit, delivering scorching vocals on tracks like “Truth”, and also playing rhythm guitar, as well as co-writing the albums with Brian Auger. During the same period, Ligertwood performed and recorded with fellow Scottish soul-mates, the Average White Band. A longtime friend of the band, Ligertwood continues to do concerts and sessions with his rhythm ‘n’ roll compatriots. His lead vocals are featured on three Average White Band recordings. In the late seventies, Ligertwood served as vocalist/guitarist and co-writer with Narda Michael Walden Band and the David Sancious & Tone Band before joining Santana in 1979. It has proven to be an ideal match. Ligertwood brings a vocal intensity that feeds the volcanic playing of Carlos Santana. He has recorded and co-wrote eight albums for Santana: “Marathon,” “Zebopi,” “Beyond Appearances,” “Viva Santana,” “Shango,” “Spirits Dancing In The Flesh,” “Milagro,” and the latest “Sacred Fire.” A perfect showcase for Ligertwood’s vocal power is “Somewhere in Heaven”, a ballad from “Milagro” that brings both sides of Ligertwood and Santana-the lyrical and the fiery-together in a passionate, spiritual tour-de-force. The song propels Ligertwood into the front ranks of R&B balladeers. Alex also co-wrote this song with Carlos Santana. Ligertwood lives in Santa Monica, California, with his wife. He is currently working on a solo project and on various soundtracks as well as working on side projects with various bands. His vocal talents were recently featured on the Spyro Gyra album “Dreams Beyond Control”, an honor considering Spyro Gyra is strictly an instrumental band. Alex has recorded albums with Ben E. King, Didier Lockwood, Carly Simon, The Dixie Dreggs, Michelle Colombier, Pat Simmons of the Dobbie Brotheres, Jeff Lorber, and many others.