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‘Salve’, the new album of the Dutch band Sensuāl, contains a catchy blend of ‘Brazilian Jazz ‘n Grooves’ and has won the Edison Jazzism Award 2008. Sensuāl takes you on an imaginary bike ride along nostalgia, faraway loves, and clubbing in their native Holland. Their energetic concerts with luscious vocals by Eva Kieboom combined with phat grooves, smart arrangements and strong improvisation, make Sensuāl to be an amazing live-act. Not only the jazz lovers but also the younger pop audience embrace Sensuāl. The band was founded in 2003 and made a great start. They debuted in 2004 with the cd ‘Acústico’. This cd contained songs played from the traditional Brazilian point of music, with a little touch of Sensuāl. ‘Acústico’ was the opportunity for Sensuāl to introduce their own compositions to a broad audience, which was just a tip of the iceberg of what we hear on ‘Salve’. Their cover of Janis Ian‘ - Fly too high received a lot of airplay. Due to the success of ‘Acústico’ the band played many festivals (a.o. North Sea Jazz & Festival Mundial ) and shared a theatertour through Holland with Wouter Hamel for Jazz Impuls in 2006/2007. Sensuāl's latest cd ‘Salve’ was released on the 10th of January 2008 at the Sugar Factory in Amsterdam. Apart from 1 song, all songs on the album are composed by Sensuāl. Some amazing guest-musicians contributed to ‘Salve’; a.o. guitarist Anton Goudsmit (New Cool Collective) and trumpet-player Eric Vloeimans (Edison 2007). 2008 has been a good year so far. In the summer, Sensuāl returned to North Sea Jazz, played at a.o. The Hague Jazz and a sold-out Bimhuis. At the moment Sensuāl is playing their 'Salve' theatertour.