Eric Darius

    Genre : Instrumental Jazz

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About This Act :

Since a very young age, Eric Darius has taken part in America’s Youngest Jazz Band, with famous trumpeter Sonny LaRosa as bandleader. Comprising of children ranging from 5 to 12, this group has performed on prestigious jazz stages, including Montreux Jazz Festival. When he was in high school, Eric Darius attended Blake High School of the Performing Arts in Tampa, Florida. With Blake Jazz Ensemble, Eric Darius had the opportunity to perform in more prestigious jazz events. It was also during those years that Darius launched his first indie album, “Cruisin’”. In 2004, Eric Darius’ album, “Night on the Town” was received positively by the American jazz music critics. Eric Darius performed at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2008, where he was warmly welcomed. Many were so impressed by his performance that they asked that Darius be invited to the upcoming festival.