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Born in 1973 in Niigata. TOKU is the only Japanese vocalist/flugelhorn player. When a jazz drummer heard him play "If I Were a Bell" in the style of Miles Davis at a university campus festival performance and invited him to a jam session, TOKU began to get serious about jazz. TOKU's broad-ranging musical talents have also been utilized outside the jazz world, with participation on albums by J-POP stars such as Ken Hirai, Skoop On Somebody, paris match, and Miki Imai. His personal, sweet and sultry low voice has also become known thanks to the use of his recording of "You Are So Beautiful" on a television commercial for the Hitachi High-Definition Wooo Series Plasma Television. More recently, the use of TOKU's rendering of "Do-Re-Mi" as the theme song for a commercial for the Honda Odyssey became a hot topic, as the stylish jazzy version marked a change of style.